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Condition Monitoring

At Industrial Electrical Solutions, we offer the following in Condition Monitoring solutions.


We offer IFM Vibration Monitoring systems that can detect wear and unbalanced on rotating equipment. This information can be logged and alarmed to the plant SCADA if vibration levels hit warning or alarm thresholds.

We also have access Bluetooth ABB Ability smart sensors for motor & bearing vibrating sensors.

Industrial Electrical Solutions - Condition Monitoring - Vibration
Condition Monitoring by iElects
Industrial Electrical Solutions - Condition Monitoring - Temperature


On large machines tell-tale signs of wear or lack of lubrication can be detected by temperature rises. Like the vibration systems above we can trend and alarm on configurable thresholds.

Motor Current (Amps)

We have a range of current monitoring system that measure and track the amps drawn by a motor that can determine if it is overloading as well as acting as an electronic shear pin. Amp’s trending is useful for detecting filter blockages for example

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