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Detection Systems

We have extensive real field experience with most of the detection systems available today.

Selecting the correct sensor for the application is paramount for process reliability and robustness.  Considerations need to be given to the environment (IP rating, mounting, ambient temp, hygienic requirements) as well as the speed and range of the object being detected.

Some of the sensors we have in stock include

Photo Eyes – Diffused, Retro reflective and Emitter-Receivers
Proxies – Block Proxies, 8, 12 and 18mm round, Flush & Non-Flush
Limit Switches – All types with different head configurations
Level & Pressure switches & transmitters
Barcode Scanners – Fixed & Handheld
RFID – RFID receivers
Temperature probes – Type K & RTD
Colour Sensors, Vision systems & lots of other specialist devices


Partner brands are Sick, IFM, Allen Bradley, Omron and many more.

We have literally thousands of surplus sensors we sell through our eBay and webstore!

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Industrial Electrical Solutions - Detection Systems

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