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Power Quality & Energy Savings

Energy Savings
Is your facility performing at its green best?

We can help identify usage patterns and recommend systems to achieve energy savings.  This can include co-generation systems (Solar, Wind or Generators), power factor correction, lighting upgrade or even timers on plant services like boilers and air compressors.

Power Quality

have invested in several advanced data logging and monitoring devices to identify and detect harmonic disturbances, power factor and quality issues.  This information is then used to create a comprehensive electrical energy audit which identifies potential power saving devices (like Power Factor Correction, active harmonic filtering or devices that can do both).

Site Power Capacity

We receive a lot of requests to look at the electricity capacity your site to help determine the suitability for further equipment.  There are many methods to work this out and we can even look at interlocking and load diversity situations.

UPS Systems

We also have offer generator and UPS systems that can be integrated into you site for critical & essential plant.  We recommend GE branded UPS and can organise the sizing, installation, and servicing of these with our partners.

For example, we have fitted 3 phase 40kVA units to boilers where power flickering and brown outs regularly occur.

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