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Machine & Plant Safety

With the team from Industrial Electrical Solutions, we can assist with the design, install and certification of machine safety systems as per AS4024.

Risk Assessment and Solution
The basis of a risk assessment is identifying hazards and assessing the risk levels of these hazards, using either Categories (AS 4024.1501) or Performance Levels (AS 4024.1503).

The risk assessment & solution needs to fully understand the process and human tasks required in the process to ensure that a practical solution is offered.  An effective should not severely change or hamper the system it is protecting

Integrating this into the existing or new plant is where the complications usually occur.  With our PLC background we will make the process as seamless as possible.

Workcover PIN notices

Workcover PIN notices require a prompt solution to the safety issue. Usually, a risk assessment and solution on a small machine can be done in a week or two getting the plant back into operation promptly.

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Industrial Electrical Solutions - Safety Systems

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