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Specials - Santerno Enertronica Group


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  • Max 50° operating temperature
  • Overload 150% for 60s, 200% for short time span
  • Integrated EMC filter, braking unit
  • Control method: V/f, Sensorless Vector Control
  • Fire mode function. Good for HVAC application.


Sinus Micro Drives – 3 Phase 400V IP20

4 kW                9A                    SM00074TBA2K2                    $340

15 kW              30A                  SM00204TBA2K2                    $800

18.5 kW           39A                  SM00254TBA2K2                    $999


High-performance motor drive applicable to:
• Three-phase asynchronous motors
• Three-phase synchronous motors

The drives of the Sinus PENTA series come with multiple speed control modes and torque control modes for three-phase asynchronous and synchronous motors. Those control modes are user-selectable and ensure optimum performance in terms of accuracy and energy saving for each specific industrial application.

  • -10°C to 55°C operating temperature without derating **
  • Integrated EMC filter, braking chopper for IP20 and IP54
  • Safe torque off function, Sil3 and EN ISO 13849-1, PL-d
  • Steel enclosure
  • Tropicalised boards (conformal coating)
  • Made in Italy

Light / Standard / Heavy / Strong kW Ratings. (Most manufactures quote their sizes as Standard)

Rating Overload Capacity Typical Application **
Light 120% (120s) or 144% (3s) Fan, Dust collector, Mixer
Standard 140% (120s) or 168% (3s) Agitator, Calenders & Mills, Conveyors, Hydraulic power packs, Palletisers, Compressors
Heavy 175% (120s) or 210% (3s) Axis control, Drills, Extruders, Winders
Strong 200% (120s) or 240% (3s)


PENTA Drives – 3 Phase 400V IP20

7.5/7.5/7.5/5.5 kW     SP00144TBA2K2     $600

15/11/9.2/7.5 kW       SP00174TBA2K2     $1100

30/25/22/18.5 kW      SP00344TBA2K2     $1600

45/37/30/25 kW         SP00494TBA2K2     $2400

100/90/75/55 kW       SP01134TBA2K2     $5600

132/132/110/90 kW   SP01624TBA2K2     $7200

PENTA Drives – 3 Phase 400V IP54

22/18.5/15/11 kW      SP00254TBA2K5     $1600

All drives have a new 12 months repair/ replace / refund warrantee and need to be returned to IES for assessment.

** Subject to frame size or application

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