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Your company has an obligation to ensure it has effective and up to date risk management practices in place in its organisations.

Each company now has an obligation under the law to carry out a risk assessment of all machinery in their factory and we urge all our customers to ensure your own risk assessment data is compliant with the latest requirements as defined in the OH&S; Act, regulations and Australian standards.


What is the Principle behind Single Knife Slitting?
The machine function is similar to that of a lathe. It employs a single circular knife to slit through the master or log roll without rewinding. The bevelled knife must be able to displace the role being split without deflection from the roll surface to the core resulting in an accurate slit width and acceptable edge quality.

Products that may not be suitable for single knife slitting include densely wound films such as shrink films. Customers considering purchasing a SKS should always evaluate the product they wish to split as to its suitability for this method of splitting.

Why Invest in a Single Knife Slitter?
Only cost effective slitting method for VHB™ double-faced, acrylic foam tapes and foam sealant tapes and many other products. Reduce inventory of expensive products by stocking log rolls and slitting to width against the order. Supply small orders for non-standard widths immediately. Set up time is minimal for single knife slitters compared to slitter rewinders.
Automatic or Manual Machine?
Automatic machines are capable of slitting bigger diameters than manual machines. More slit rolls per day are possible with an automatic machine as the operator can pack tape while the next log roll is being cut. Manual operation machinesare less expensive and require less maintenance.

A Manual Machine should be considered when the number of slit rolls per day of multiple widths does not exceed 600 on average and roll diameters do not exceed 300mm (12”) A manual machine is ideal for short slitting runs of special widths for a wide range of materials.

Why is Safety Guarding required on a SKS?

Under CE, OSHA and AS Standards, single knife slitters are rated Category 3. In Australia AS4024-1-2006 requires machines to be fully guarded using fail-safe systems. It is mandatory for all suppliers and users to carry out a risk assessment for all machinery; all companies have an obligation to ensure they have effective and up to date risk management practices in place.

Risk factors include;

Fragmentation – injury from steel knives and grinding wheels also flying objects (chuck pins).
Electrocution – injury from access by unauthorized personnel to electrical control cabinet.
Entrapment – injury to operators with loose clothing drawn into rotating mandrel/material.
Cutting injuries – injury from rotating knife and from handling knives without suitable protective gloves.

Javelin has a strong ongoing commitment to the continual improvement of OH&S; management,. In accordance with this obligation, Javelin completed design reviews and operational risk assessments for the latest models of Javelin automatic and manual single knife slitters and each machine was supplied with the relevant risk assessment.

Owners of Javelin machines built and delivered prior to 2006 should be aware of new safety requirements affecting machine guarding. Your company now has an obligation under the law to carry out a risk assessment of all machinery in your factory.

Why is Guarding Essential for Steel Knives & Rotation Mandrels?
Steel knives can and do shatter. Fragments of steel then fly in every direction. Chuck pins can also come loose and fly. Guards must enclose the machine and windows made of polycarbonate, not Perspex. Steel mesh guards of a type located at the rear of a single knife slitter are no longer acceptable unless covered in polycarbonate sheeting. Steel knives can bend and shatter when an operator attempts to slit a dense roll of material with a knife incorrectly beveled or in the case of auto pivot knife head or the knife is pivoted at the wrong angle.

Mandrels rotating at high RPM with material with loose outer wraps can catch hold of loose fitting clothing and draw an arm or hand into the machine. All single knife slitting machines (automatic & manual) use geared mandrel drive motors which cannot physically be stopped.

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